Amer-I-can Business: Couture Dress Designer – Sareh Nouri

~ by Lisa Ann Krutzik

Roses in full bloom, made of fine Italian silk, flowing across a luxurious bridal gown would catch the eye of any experienced wedding photographer

Sareh Nouri Rose

as a dress of amazing distinction and beauty. A Sareh Nouri couture gown invokes the princess in every woman and ignites the senses in the man they love.

When a bright eyed, 9-year-old Iranian girl set foot in America she had already started dreaming about her wedding dress. Growing up within two cultures has its challenges and its benefits. Sometimes differentiating between the two was a bit confusing. As her own wedding approached in 2009 Sareh was having a difficult time finding the dress that matched the dreams she had as a child and the visualization of what she wanted as an adult. After searching through many boutiques, she decided to use her graphic degree from George Mason University to create her own dream dress. After doing some research and finding a dressmaker in New York City, Sareh married the man of her dreams in the dress of her dreams.

The experience of seeing her creation come to life set this American-Iranian on the path the American dream—becoming an independent business owner. With traditional yet elegant designs, beautiful cloth from all over the world, jewels that would make even the most conservative woman gush, and a family that supported her decision to launch an amazing line of timeless gowns she took the plunge into the couture wedding dress industry. By working in a high-end bridal salon, Sareh met different amazing couture dressmakers in Manhattan and shared: “After seeing their work and the details they put into my gowns, I decided to have them manufactured in the United States. A lot of our brides and their moms ask where the gowns are made. When we tell them in the United States, it is really a plus for them!”

Sareh employs patternmakers, dressmakers, and a marketing team. “I want to go national and hopefully international at some point. I would really like to expand my label!” As for now her collection can be viewed online at or you can visit Exquisite Bride showrooms in Millburn & Princeton, NJ; Love Couture in Potomac, Maryland; or Soliloquy Bridal Couture in Herndon, Virginia.

Sareh Nouri Dress Detail

The biggest challenge Sareh faced while launching her collection was not knowing if brides would be willing to give a new designer a chance. “A wedding gown for a woman is something that they have dreamed of all their life. Not only did I get 100% great feedback, but I was competing with the best of the best and my gowns were chosen for their special day. I got great complements on my fabrics, the lightness of the gowns, and styles!”

When asked what brought her the most joy in her personal life, she answered simple and elegant—just like her designs. “Being married! It has taught me many things and I am very grateful for that. It is also the reason I am in this amazing industry doing what I love most!”

The advice Sareh Nouri would give brides when they are searching for the gown of their dreams is to “keep an open mind. Be honest with your consultants regarding things like budget or styles. Sometimes a dress hanging on the rack may not be so amazing, but when you try it on – it looks fabulous. If you see a picture of a gown in a magazine, it certainly does not mean it will look great on your body figure, so be open and try several styles! The first thing you should look for is the right silhouette; then you have to decide what fabric you like (lace, satin, organza, etc.) Once you narrow down what you like, it will be easier!”

Sareh Nouri beading

Sareh also had advice for wedding photographers and what they should focus on when photographing brides in her dresses. “My dresses have lots of detail; they are classic, feminine, and ethereal! From the lace, to the buttons on the back of the gowns; illusion necklines and gorgeous sashes; take close up images for all the fine details.”

To wear a Sareh Nouri design will not only make your fiancé recognize that he has chosen a woman of fine taste and beauty, but you will feel the love affair of wearing a dream. Your splendor will transcend the generations to come with the images captured on this very special day in your life.


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