The Plan Is…

Documenting a wedding in every state is a bit of a logistical nightmare. We believe that it can be done, and it can go viral but it will take the aid of many.

Here’s how.

Each state will have a minimum of four primary stories written and published within two weeks of the event and a video produced within eight weeks of the event.

  • AWP – Wedding
    • A culture-based story about the wedding or some aspect of the wedding
  • AmerIcan Business Profile
    • A story about the wedding professional who helps us locate the wedding we are covering
  • Industry Education Article
    • Article featuring various wedding professionals from that state on a subject interesting to couples planning a wedding
  • AmerIcan Travel
    • Article about the adventure of traveling on a motorbike in that state

Documenting instead of photographing

Although my bio below identifies me as a wedding photographer, that isn’t my role in this project. The goal is to deliver true documentation: material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record. This means I need to be outside looking in, writing about what I see and learn, and not participating as a vendor.

Documenting a wedding from a journalistic point of view means that I cannot have an economic impact on that event. Our presence, as a journalistic magazine, cannot be purchased, and it cannot take away from any local vendors providing service. IBIS-World reported in an August 2017 article, that the US wedding industry created $76 billion dollars of economic spending, employed 1.2 million people, and maintained 315,844 businesses – and that is a big part of this project. This is about sharing the cultural aspects of the various religions, ethnicity, traditions, social cultures and economic levels; however, overlooking the variety of wedding professionals in that process would miss a huge part of what being an AmerIcan is all about.

Finding weddings

Because I need to stay on a pretty regimented schedule, we are going to look to wedding professionals all over America to lead us to a wedding in their state. That doesn’t mean we will focus the lead story around the vendor or the vendor’s product but we will do a biography-based story for the AmerIcan Business Profile article.

Being part of this adventure

I, Lisa Ann, invite you to be a part of this adventure. Together, we can create a project that can go viral among couples planning weddings, as well as among people of all age groups and cultures. We live among one another, yet we don’t know each other’s stories; that’s what the AmerIcan Wedding Project is all about.

Come along for the ride!


Understanding Lisa Ann:


Lisa Ann’s bio

Most people who already know Lisa Ann recognize that she was a wedding photographer for over 27 years. Her experience behind the camera officially started in high school yearbook and with the local newspaper. During her college years she dabbled in weddings but was primarily involved with school-based work. When she started her first business in the late 90’s, and her network of friends started getting married, her wedding photography took off.

In the early 2000’s, she relocated because of a family trauma and re-launched her business; only this time, she moved forward into the digital era ahead of almost everyone in the market she lived in. She realized that, as images of previously-photographed weddings scrolled past their eyes, potential clients weren’t looking at the photographic quality of the images. Instead, they were looking at the content of the images and asking questions. Thus, Lisa Ann became a founding member of a strong wedding industry networking organization in Appleton, WI. She recognized that the whole industry could benefit from interpersonal relationships between the various types of vendors, and that allowed her business to excel and emerge as an industry leader.

Lisa Ann’s commitment to understanding the style and economic climate of the market she lived in, as well as the goal markets for particular vendors, enabled her to provide solid leads for numerous other wedding professionals, even other photographers!


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