2021 Update

I haven’t written any articles in almost a year since the pandemic started. The wedding industry as a whole came to a shrieking halt as most of our lives and livelihoods did. I personally lost my position at a publishing firm, decided to focus on my personal health and took an odd job of doing Instacart shopping more than 20 hours a week.

So…I’m in the process of redoing my personal website to accommodate the new world we live in and the shift I’ve had to make. I can’t expect anyone to invited or allow a complete stranger at their wedding, traveling with gas prices at outrageous levels is daunting, and the truth is…weddings in the United States will not be the kinds of celebrations they once were…so the culture – no matter the heritage – has changed.

I will however pick up writing about weddings again. I think that there are a number of customs that should be investigated and explained. I believe that there will be some interesting traditions to write about and how they have been adapted to fit the new heath concern protocols.

Until then…enjoy the fresh air, take vitamin D supplements, and eat more green leafy veggies. May your health be a shining example to everyone around you.


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