About AWP & Lisa Ann

In 2007 a friend asked me “What would you do if you could do anything at all?” Without hesitation I replied; “I’d photograph a wedding in every state, write about them, and teach.”

Eventually I was teaching photography at the local tech school and started considering what a wedding project like that would take to do. I officially launched it in 2011 but quickly realized that not only was I changing the wedding in different parts of the US (photographers in the North do things that photographers in other places of the country do not) I was also interfering with the economic flow of a wedding within a community…so I stopped to rethink.

This project has taken a long time to get off the ground (another subject all together) but I’m ready to go! The mission of the project is to write about the diversity within weddings that happen here in the United States and to write about the wedding vendors who make it happen.

I had wanted to ride my motorbike on the whole adventure, but this summer while on the journey between Buffalo NY and Buffalo WY my motorbike lit itself on fire and burned to the ground 1560 miles into the journey. I continued the adventure in a rental car, missing the bike every mile.

There will probably be a different bike in the future and maybe a RV?

Either way…I intend on enjoying the ride and I would like you to join along in the adventure of meeting interesting people, witnessing different cultural aspects of weddings, and learning new things!

Lisa Ann


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