Lisa Ann

Bio: There have been three primary consistent aspects to my life – and a fourth which ties it all together... photography, writing, travel and the fourth one...faith. When I was a little girl I was mesmerized by the crucifix at church. I always heard an inner voice which guided my dreams and aspirations. Most people would identify that voice as God. At a very young age I knew that I would grow up to be a photographer and that my primary job would be in the telling of other peoples stories. I loved to write so the two made sense to fit together. My dreams took me to far away places – NY, LA, Paris, Egypt, India all while sitting on a platform built in a tree that overlooked the Wisconsin dairy farm I was blessed to grow up on. Every once-in-a-while my dog Blackie would bark to bring me back to reality. As a 48 year old adult I still have BIG dreams and solid aspirations. The goal of traveling throughout America to document a real American wedding in every state in the course of one year is a project that I am currently working on organizing. The goal of obtaining my masters in theology has been started, and the dream of having a book published – a friend pointed out that this one has been accomplished a number of times through the books that I’ve written for other people but my dream is to publish a book about being adopted and have it in the mass market. My greatest fear in life is that I will lose my sight – So for me to witness God’s greatness through seeing as much as I can, photographing as many people as possible, and learning the stories so that I can share it with the world – it won’t matter if I can physically see in the future as I will be able to see through my heart the way that I was able to see the world through the words of the books I was reading on that platform tree house as a little girl. I have faith that God will lead my way each and every day. This is who I am. I am Lisa Ann.

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