A Whole Other Level of Love

On August 17, 2019 Bobbie and John finally had the opportunity to exchange vows in front of their friends and family – physically standing up.

The physically standing up, was the goal. This goal was set almost two years prior when their original wedding was postponed because of a horrific car accident. The crash left the bride unable to walk and bedridden.

Most people fall in love, decide to get married, have a wedding, and then face life. Car accidents, major illness, chronic pain, financial challenges can destroy marriages faster than Coke can clean the grime off a penny. This couple…they were forced to face trauma head on and they decided that their love would triumph.

John is one of those rare gems – as I sat across from this couple listening to their story, in order for me to share it with you – I knew that this man loves well…even before I knew how deeply. When the love of his life found herself bedridden in a hospital only a few days before what should have been a beautiful wedding day for them…decisions had to be made.

John would eventually quit working his high stress job to become a full time care taker of his fiancée (which of course is also stressful – but significantly more rewarding to the heart.) They would bond a family now consisting of six children and would welcome 4 grand-babies into their circle of love over the years.

Injury is one of the most difficult things people have to learn to live with. Many times relationships just fizzle – people fall away…not John…not only did he stay…it is obvious that this hurdle they have been working to jump – they have been and continue to work on together.

Planning a wedding when you can’t drive or it is difficult to get in and out of clothing, changes the whole wedding experience. For Bobbie, years of recovery, setbacks, moments of joy, and many tears add into the story of their lives. Making the transition of having a busy, independent life to relying on everyone else for everything is the most humbling things that a human can experience. Bobbie had a goal to reach, so putting aside her own grief over things that should have been different became the mindset.

The goal was to be able to walk down the aisle. So in the the strong arms of her sons – she did just that. Then she stood – in John’s hands and said “I do” in front of those whom they love and love them back.

Christmas has always been special for both of them – so getting married in Frankenmuth MI – the Christmas-Year-Around town – made complete sense. Celebrating life, celebrating love – isn’t that what Christmas is all about (and the presents of course!)


They traveled to Wisconsin Dells for their honeymoon and enjoyed their time on the road. Although Bobbie can stand for short periods of time…that’s it. This is a couple who understands that love isn’t just the roses on Valentine’s day…it’s the look in your partner’s eyes when they say “I love you.” That’s what they have…they have “it.”

I was sharing their story with a friend of mine, she got teary eyed and said, “That is a whole other level of love.” Yes it is, I responded…wouldn’t it be nice if every couple had that kind of love? 82851591_112292020178992_4229659354736885760_nCongratulations John & Bobbie – may your future be filled with trips to places you have yet to discover. Bobbie, may your body continue to heal and if it doesn’t … may you continue to find ways to enjoy the life and the love that surrounds you. May the love that you share be a beacon of light for everyone to see.

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